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Programmatic as a tool for efficient mobile advertising buying

Our automated mobile media-buying system is based on socio-demographic and behavioral data, ensures the correct target and allows us move from impressions buying to maximizing the coverage of your target audience


Only the best and most recognizable applications, which are used by millions of people every day, are available to our customers.


We can predict the best time and the best person to get the greatest response for your advertising.


With our partners, you can get the desired audience anywhere in the world, making targeting not only by countries, but also by cities.

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All kinds of ad formats for increasing your profit

Choose any required format for your advertising campaigns: instream, outstream, interstitial or our new format - rewarded video. Optimize your campaigns campaigns based on the effectiveness of your target audience.

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Only the best apps allow to achieve the best results, so we choose the certified and well-known developers.

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